Health Care for All!

Victory at last!

Will Health Care Legislation be a Pyrrhic Victory?

It does look like some sort of health care legislation will pass but it seems more and more likely that it will be at the expense of Democratic majority.  It might be a good trade-off, it’s hard to tell at this point.  I guess we’ll see later this year.

Healthcare Looks Likely to Finally Happen!

I don’t understand how the Republicans can stop this at this point.  They don’t have the power, let’s just get it done!!

Healthcare Solutions

I wish they can get past the partisanship and pass some sort of health care reform already!

Election Day Tomorrow – VOTE!

Make your voice heard!


Senate Committee Approves HEALTH CARE BILL!

Yes, it’s finally getting closer.  The U.S. Senate Finance Committee finally approved the health care bill.

Now let’s see what happens and how it get’s ripped apart and put back together once the full senate get’s a hold of it.


Congress Health Care

President Delays Meeting With Dalai Lama

President Barack Obama decided to push off his schedule meeting with Dalai Lama until after he meets with the Chinese.  It was always been a point of contention with the Chinese on the treatment given to the Dalai Lama, who they consider to be a revolutionary.


President Obama decided to promote a better relationship with the most populous nation in the world in order to let the world know that he considers them a partner at the table of world decisions.

Guantanomo Bay Prisoners to Go To Prison?

The Washington Post reported that the Guantanomo Bay Prisoners may go to an American Prison as part of President Obama’s pledge to close the camp that has been associated with torture.


Jacqui Smith Resigns

Jacqui Smith in Great Britain resigned today as Home Secretary.  This is the same Jaqui Smith who singled out Michael Savage as one of the people not welcome in England.

She resigned for other reasons but it does make it seem the reason included that she took on Michael Savage.


GPS Close to Breaking Down

The BBC reported today that the GPS system is close to breaking down, according to the US Government Accountability Office.

Man, that would really suck!  I would need to start relying on Google Maps for everything.  I guess I can use it through my iPhone but I’m very bad with directions so I would end up making all the wrong turns and have no calming voice telling me to get back on the right route.

Oh well.


G-20 Leaders Meet in London

The G-20 leaders met in London today to discuss the current financial crisis.  The world needs to come together to fight off financial doom.  I’m glad there are discussions to get it done.

It was referred to as the London Summit.


The U.S. provided a pledge of $1.1 trillion to kick start the credit market while it was agreed upon to create a more regulatory control over the banking industry.

These seem like very sensible approaches as the market continues to sink.

President Obama and Gordon Brown Meet

Citing the decades-old special relationship between the United States and Great Britain Obama and Brown met today at the White House.  As a show of the special relationship Brown is the first European leader to meet with President Obama since he became president.


At the new conference after the meeting President Obama said “Great Britain is one of our closest and strongest allies and there is a link and bond there that will not break.”

They spoke about the economy and how they plan on fixing it.  They both agreed on bank regulation and industry regulation as a way of balancing the ups and downs in the market.

Collins and Snowe

Although the Democrats have a majority it looks good to get bi-partisan support for stuff and the two Maine Democrats can make it happen.  I’m referring to Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins.  They can enable President Obama to easily become a post-partisan president.  Let’s hope it happens!


Bush Out | Obama In

Today is a momentous day that we can all be proud of.  We finally elected a person who can implement the change we need. barakobama I love this country and I believe that Obama can make the country better than ever with inspiration and good leadership!


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